What makes a good web site?

Content! The single most important item in any web page or web site is content! What do you have to say? Why are you there? It is vitally important that you have something meaningful to say to your target audience. Your content doesn't have to be universally meaningful, but it must speak to your customers! Dynamic content is content that changes. It may change due to which customer is visiting, or your daily specials, or a variety of other reasons. Sites with dynamic content generally use a database on the back end to manage the content. I can provide you with the right database design for your business needs as well as administration tools for you to easily manage the content you need. Although I can help you with developing meaningful content and organize it into logical pages, ultimately, only you know your customers, so you need to think about what you want to say.

Presentation: You need to have a pleasant looking site. A blank white screen with lots of black text, although it may be informative isn't fun to look at. You should have a color scheme that looks good and makes your site easy to read. Dark text on a dark background or light text on a light background won't work for most readers. Some examples are the "fun" looking KaptainKlick.com, and the elegant look of Captivating Web Design with it's sophisticated look and flashy effects.

Graphics: Your graphics are important for making your site memorable. If your company has a logo, this is the place to proudly display it! If you don't have a logo, get one. A logo is an important part of branding your company. Photographs of your storefront, products, and or people are also a very effective tool to help make your site pleasant and memorable.

Standards: W3C has defined web standards that most modern browsers respect. A well designed site will adhere to W3C standards assuring that it will display correctly in any modern browser. I personally recommend Firefox as a web browser. Firefox is a free download that runs on any version of Windows. Firefox is fast, stable, secure, and 100% W3C compliant. It also has hundreds of available add-ons which improve the functionality of Firefox without all the hassle and ads.

Conclusion: A well designed web site will make your company stand out from your competitors and attract more business. I can provide you with a beautiful custom web site that meets all these conditions and will keep your customers coming back for more.